Our products

WAPULEC OY manufactures water treatment devices taking advantage of short-living active oxidant species, radicals, atomic oxygen and ozone, generated in plasma of electric discharge

The device is mainly comprised of the electric discharge reactor and the pulsed power supply unit , i.e. high-voltage pulse generator.

Schematic diagram of WAPULEC device is shown in figure. Water is fed to the top of the reactor and the down-flow stream is evenly distributed between electrodes by a sprinkling device such as nozzle, perforated plate or perforated tube, in a shower mode.

Dispersed water passes through the zone of electric pulsed corona discharge (PCD), where it is treated by short-living active species, products of the discharge. Treated water is, if necessary, either directly or after certain exposing to the residual ozone in the collection tank, delivered to the next operation or process, such as precipitation, filtration or biological treatment

The energy of electric discharge necessary for a water clean-up depends on the nature and the concentration of impurities. At very high pollution degree the water is treated in a recycling mode in the device working as a batch.

Combination of preliminary oxidative treatment by pulsed corona discharge of WAPULEC technology with other water treatment processes, including adsorption, membrane filtration and biological treatment substantially improve the performance of the combined system and increases the quality of the treated water, extending the lifetime of the sorbents and membranes.

The reactor consists of high voltage string electrodes and earthed plates made of ordinary stainless steel contained in a stainless steel or plastic box. Water is fed to the reactor in a shower mode, no intense turbulence or fog spray is needed. Typically, minimum air flow-through is necessary for just replenishment of oxygen consumed by chemical reactions. Pure oxygen supply may be organized one-way without gas outlet. There is no need in gas cooling and drying, which is essential to ozone synthesis in conventional ozonation process.

High performance and reliability of the power supply originates from our extensive knowledge and more than 20 years expertise in the area of high-voltage pulsed power engineering. The pulse generator is highly reliable and required no maintenance. Generator's input power ranges from 100 W to 5 kW and higher, dependent on the application.

The WAPULEC device originates from the experience in dielectric barrier discharge system "Impulse" used for the treatment of groundwater containing iron and manganese, and natural organic matter. The "Impulse" system has been applied to more than 100 facilities mostly in Russia.