Wapulec is a technology company located in Lappeenranta, Finland. Since 2011, Wapulec has been working with environmental applications of plasma technologies, such as potable water, wastewater and gas treatment.

The company has developed a method and equipment for the plasma treatment of water. Its basic know-how also covers ozonation, photocatalysis and other oxidation technologies.

Founders of the company are experts in chemical and high-voltage engineering, which allows them to create a range of plasma reactors and high voltage power supplies for water treatment.

In 2018 Wapulec became a winner of the Baltic sea project financed by Ã…landsbanken (Finland). As a result, a system for the removal of micropollutants from waste water was designed and successfully tested at Lappeenranta and Kotka waste water treatment plants.

Currently Wapulec Oy is piloting the plasma treatment technology. It has started partnership with Roxia Oy for wider implementation of Plasma treatment.

We believe that new technologies can change the world. We are aiming to wider implementation of plasmas in different areas, such as exhaust air treatment or surface modification. We are open for cooperation and ready to discuss new projects.