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Industrial water treatment systems

A typical system consists of a plasma reactor, a power supply (high voltge pulse generator), pumps, water pipelines and an automation board.

Input water is fed to the top part of the system where it is dispersed into small droplets. The droplets then freely fall to the plasma treatment chamber.

Plasma is energized by a high voltage pulse source, the power of the pulse source ranges from several hundred watts to several kilowatts.

Treated water is pumped to the next stage. The level and flow sensors are used to control the system. Air or oxygen is pumped to the system. Small amounts of exhaust gas passes though the ozone destructor to remove traces of ozone.

Parameter Value
Water flow rate, wastewater treatment up to 10 m3/hr
Power consumption, wastewater treatment 1-20 kWh/m3
Water flow rate, disinfection/potable water treatment 100-300 m3/hr
Power consumption, disinfection/potable water treatment 0.01-0.1 kWh/m3

Scheme of pulsed corona water treatment

Lab-scale water treatment systems

This device was designed for piloting and research purposes. It includes all the basic features of a big device at lower power and water treatment capacity.

Input water is placed in a tank and circulated though the plasma treatment device. The power of the system is 0.1-0.2 kW. Water flow rate does not exceed 1 m3 per hour.

Basic parameters of pulse generators are given in the table.

Parameter Value
Water flow rate 0.1-1.0 m3/hr
Output powe rof the plasma treatment 10-150 W
Overall power consumption 300-450 W

Scheme of pulsed corona water treatment

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