Advanced water treatment technology

WAPULEC, being an acronym comprised of “WAter”, “PUlse” and “eLECtricity” stands for a novel method and device of water treatment. The technology provides oxidation of pollutants with active oxidant species, such as hydroxyl radical, atomic oxygen, and ozone, produced by gas-phase pulsed electric discharge directly on the surface of treated water in air or oxygen atmosphere.




Applications of the technology

Potable water treatment

- Purification of surface water, removal of algae and humic substances, such as the trihalomethanes precursors, pesticides and pathogens.
-  Treatment of groundwater with excessive content of iron, manganese and natural organic matter.

Industrial waste water treatment

- High oxidation efficiency widens the application area to the treatment of wastewaters in which ozone cannot be used for its high cost.

- WAPULEC technology is used to remove organic pollutants, which cannot be removed by biological treatment, toxic and refractory substances.

Water disinfection

- Efficient disinfection of surface water, water from swimming pools and preliminary treaed waste water

Air treatment

Air conditioning – deodoration, removal of volatile organic compounds.
PCD in combination with wet stripping is a perspective tool for the removal of NOx and SOx from flue gases.