Electric discharge water purification system
Pulsed electric discharge

WAPULEC is a new technology of water treatment. It provides oxidation of pollutants with active oxidant species (hydroxyl radical, atomic oxygen, ozone) produced by pulsed electrical discharge directly on the surface of aol email sending viagra adds treated water in air or oxygen atmosphere. 


Application areas

  • Drinking water treatment and desinfection
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Air treatment (deodoration, removal of volatile organic substances, NOx and SOx removal etc.)

Advantages of the device
The energy consumption of water treatment is at least three times smaller than in conventional ozone application;
Wide range of oxidizable substances

  • Organic substances (aromatics, amines, organic acids etc.);
  • Inorganic substances (iron, manganese, arsenic etc.);
  • Micro-organisms.
  • Equipment used in WAPULEC device is reliable and simple in operation. The system has low running cost and does not require much servicing.

Why to choose WAPULEC ?
Combination of WAPULEC in water treatment with conventional methods (filtration, biological treatment) substantially improves the treatment performance and increases the quality of water. Water treated with electrical discharge is saturated with oxygen, has excellent quality, exclusive clearness and pleasant fresh odour.

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